Why Our Creativity is Limited (Part 3)

Fourth, while care creates kindness, students are sometimes taught to keep things forthemselves only. Parents would criticize children to be naive and stupid when their children help or show their friends about good books, good schools, or good teachers in order to have good grades. Sometimes, we are indifferent to the society, the community where we live. For example, in one class, when students do a Zombie Apocalypse, … Continue reading Why Our Creativity is Limited (Part 3)

Why Our Creativity is Limited (Part 2)

Third, authority and strictness inhibit creativity. Parents usually have fixed schedules and want their children to study most of the time. At 7:00 pm, children are supposed to sit neatly on the tables, at 10:30 pm, they go to bed. Between 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm, parents would come and check anytime whether their children would do something else different from studying. Children are kept … Continue reading Why Our Creativity is Limited (Part 2)

Why our creativity is limited (Part 1)

First, conformity plays an indispensable role in impeding people’s creativity. Raised up in typical Asian families, children are taught to be competitive, good students. They have to be at the top in class, winning competitions after competitions, playing thousands of instruments such as piano or violin, and become teachers’ pets. The motivation that keeps them working hard is the reward of pride. So, what is … Continue reading Why our creativity is limited (Part 1)


Recently, I realize a general rule or philosophy of life. Raising up in an Asian family, I was taught to be a competitive, good student. I have to be at the top in class, win competitions, perform piano to guests, and become a teacher’s pet.  The only motivation that keeps me working hard is the reward of pride. As a Vietnamese daughter, I was raised … Continue reading Morality

Homosexual Marriage

The heat of the debate about homosexuals rises when the question should homosexual marriage be legalized comes up. Marriage has been important to most societies for such a long time, and homosexual marriage could be called the “third political railroad”. Growing up in an Asian country like Vietnam, homosexuals are despised. However, this issue does not only occur in Vietnam, but also around the world. … Continue reading Homosexual Marriage

There’s a bridge…

After 2 months far away from the pool, I realized a bridge between my joy, my life and swimming. Generally, swimming is my life and the bridge is built with joy and happiness. When I swim, all my stress seems to disappear, goes away with the water. Maybe just because you haven’t noticed, once you jump right into the pool, all you could say is … Continue reading There’s a bridge…

Asian ( Vietnamese)’ education ( part 1)

I hope nobody would offend after reading this, but if you do, they are just my thoughts. I have the freedom to speak up my mind and I am happy to hear what do you really think and why you oppose it. I have discerned the education and schooling in Asian countries, especially Vietnam. Asian parents, in general, are infectious by a disease called pride. … Continue reading Asian ( Vietnamese)’ education ( part 1)