Why Our Creativity is Limited (Part 3)

Fourth, while care creates kindness, students are sometimes taught to keep things forthemselves only. Parents would criticize children to be naive and stupid when their children help or show their friends about good books, good schools, or good teachers in order to have good grades. Sometimes, we are indifferent to the society, the community where we live. For example, in one class, when students do a Zombie Apocalypse, some students would simply answer “we don’t care” or “just leave them behind” when they are asked whether they want to save the victims. True, it is just a game; however, by having such thoughts, we stop thinking further for more creative methods to save the fictional victims. We simply shut our brains and not to waste energy to think more ways to save the people. A really common example would also be animals and environmental issue. We used to be very indifferent to caring about the environment and animals as they have no immediate or noticeable impact in our lives. However, if we are concerned about them, we probably could come up with some creative ideas to shelter animals or protect the environment. Then, there would come a debate about individualism versus community: Shall people care more about themselves or pay attention more to the community around them? There is no absolute or black­and­white answer of either or. Self­interest is understandable, and exists in everybody.However, we should learn to perceive and develop the benefits of caring about others. Caring about other people also means caring about yourself. Therefore, open your kindness, generosity, and care for the people and the community where you live.

Fifth, people are scared to fail. People do not want to imagine the scenario of failing. They would not strive for their inner dreams because they are afraid of putting too much effort into it and then fail. People still have dreams and things they want to do; however, they do not dare to do because they would go back on the well­trodden path of achieving dreams for success or fame sake, not for their own sake. For example, you want to write, and when you start to write, you would go on the thoughts of “I would never be another J.K. Rowling”. You would fear that if you fail, you would waste your effort of accomplishing it. The fear overwhelms your passion. Therefore, instead of intimidated by failure, you should view this as an experience and having fun doing it.



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