Why Our Creativity is Limited (Part 2)

Third, authority and strictness inhibit creativity. Parents usually have fixed schedules and want their children to study most of the time. At 7:00 pm, children are supposed to sit neatly on the tables, at 10:30 pm, they go to bed. Between 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm, parents would come and check anytime whether their children would do something else different from studying. Children are kept in strictly time-zones under their parents’ surveillance. If at 7:45 pm, your mom suddenly sees you wandering around the garden, doodling or surfing Facebook or Tumblr (like you are doing now *wink*), you surely know what will happen. Another Grant’s article, “Why I taught myself to procrastinate”, Grant talks about the benefits of procrastinating and how it helps with our creativity. Sometimes, you should allow your brain to wander around, rest, and novel ideas will come to you. Usually, while doing something else, the “aha moment” may knock on your door. Parents should let their children have their own freedom to be flexible and discover the world like they wish. Some parents sometimes do not know that their children keep many secrets for themselves. They like risks, traveling, adventures, writing, swimming, art and wild activities that their parents may consider “harmful, time-consuming, and useless”. Asian parents tend to want their children to read, do Math, learn languages, and dislike it when their kids hang out with their neighbors or play outdoor activities.


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