Recipe to be Crazy

Recipe to be crazy:



10000 Celsius heat of motivation

1 bold shield

1 alien mind

100 earth size faiths of water

1 you

I have applied this recipe to many cases in my life, failing or succeeding; I still treasure and keep it with me. Today, I’m going to teach you to do one dish of craziness category and where to find the ingredients. This special dish called “…”

Ignorance is very easy to find but it’s hard to merge it with the other ingredients. In case you don’t have ignorance, boil it with water faith and cover by shield; that’s how I found ignorance when I perfectly knew that arguing with the teacher is against the rule.

I was quite sure that my dish on that day contained more than 10000 Celsius heat of motivation. I couldn’t stand watching my friend got insulted by the History teacher. Calling a student more stupid than a dog is unacceptable and does not deserve to stand on the podium of teaching career. I could understand that maybe the urge of the teacher to make her student better, but that doesn’t defend her insult as comparing a student to a dog. My fist tightened. I tried to take a deep breathe otherwise the whole dish would be spoil if my motivation heat is too high and out of control.

Catching alien mind is very difficult because it just want to jump outside the box. When you get it, you wouldn’t think conventionally. That day, I caught an alien mind which commanded me not to get away this case. It prepared for me a script of what I need to speak up, eyes gesture, attitudes, and so on. “Stand up for her”, my alien mind is quite noisy that day.

This is when it gets tricky. When I mix ignorance with alien mind in a 100 earth size of faiths and cover it by my bold bowl shield, the ignorance is not compatible with other ingredients because it has cooled down and the school rules started to dissolve the ignorance. I heated up my motivation as I depict what would happen to my friend’s mental health and psychological thoughts, and the picture of my teacher repeatedly would insult other pity children.

Everything blended in, and the “you” was the final step. Did your unorthodox action boldly with faith, motivation, didn’t care about the consequences.

Because it was the first time of cooking this challenging dish, the outcome did not turn out as perfectly as I expected, but I was full.

The ingredients of this recipe could be found differently in different cases. Be sure to stick with the recipe, and don’t worry if it tastes bitter.


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