Nothing at all

How the wind blew coolly this afternoon, I had never noticed that; but of all, I had never noticed how beautiful she was

I looked up the sky,it’s too big, too blue, and like my future is too vague. I decided to stop surfing my newsfeed on Facebook, which I was buried by tons of achievements figures or just my friends. They were too awesome, not like someone. We found a peaceful place that we two were alone. We had never been together, facing each other and accept the reality.

Parks, trees, or beaches are usually the most wonderful places you may want to escape from your stressful reality. But we were weird, no one accepted us. We wanted to face reality, frankly looked at what really happened, it was not time to escape. I followed her, under the bridge- the place which was the nadir of this city where you could find any of the most unwanted things. Without words, we both implied the reasons why she led me here, and I just simply agreed to follow.

She knew what I was thinking, she knew how hard I screamed, and how much I needed her. For all those time, I have casted out her encouragement. They were all words to make me feel better, I did not deserve it. Honestly, I was nobody, nothing. Looking at what other people around me, how great they were, and when both of us looked at me she was still calm.

Now, when she led me to the nadir of the city, she was happy. I sighed, looking at the long stream flowing forever. Imagining of I would flow with it, oh how swimming could get me find happiness in this world.
I looked around, sure, trash everywhere. This is where I could belong to. I told her how disgusting those cans, littering, papers, I used all the worst words to describe the useless and burden of trash to her. And I went on that no one, except for us would spend time sitting in such ridiculous place.

Again, I started to look up at the crowd and think about myself. How they were happy, with friends, not worry. Then, I looked at this nasty place, sighed again. Far away, I saw some people holding big plastic bags, looking for something.

“Look at that” she showed me at those messy lines and numbers on the bridge wall. I gleaned my eyes and examined. Soon I figured out they were not just random numbers and stupid lines. They were used to measure the heights of tide, flood and rain water table.

“Even in the most undesirable place, you still find the helpful, and sometimes the most important or influential object. If there weren’t those lines, the environmentalists and government would have struggled to take data and report or predict the level of water in the rainy and drought seasons. I was not good at such thing, but I was sure enough it would be a big trouble if those lines don’t exist” she continued “look at those people, they went all the way to this place just to look for those trash cans or recyclable things that people throw away. The normal people don’t see the value of trash; however the hard-working and the poor needs those trashes to earn their living. The most undesirable place for one person could be the most hopeful place for a different person. Just like you…You need not to be a somebody, on the news or press, be yourself, find happiness in what you do” she stopped and let me think.

I thought maybe the strong tiger doesn’t need a rat to help him get out of the trap, but a tiger in the difficulty situation, the rat is his hero.

I looked up again, the sky was still blue, the crowd was still laughing, and my heart was burning and lightening. I was thinking of the happiness of people who could able find the useless trash cans. Face it, of course, those cans may not be as good and helpful as the diamond or new cans, but trash cans could also bring happiness to whomever need them. I looked at her, feeling loved her more than ever: my soul, and she smiled. We looked at the smiles on those cans collectors faces.



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