The Two Jars

“Urghh! That’s it!” I angrily came back to my desk. We had a big fight, I told her to take a shower faster because she always took like half an hour,  and I always have to wait for the bathroom. I took a dollar from my wallet and was about to put it into the “For her” jar. This is the tenth dollar I have put in that jar. I hate it.

At the beginning of the year, I found two jars, labeled them “For Her” and “For Me”. Anytime she makes me angry or does something wrong to me, I’ll put in a dollar for her. Anytime I make her mad or do something wrong to her, she’ll have two dollars. Whenever she does something nice to me, I’ll reward   “For Me” with two dollars, and whenever I do something good for her,  the “For Her” jar will receive one cent.

Up till now, “For Her” is full of the one-dollar bills. We must have had a lot of arguments. True,  neither I nor she created the. Now I was about to give that jar another one dollar. I hesitated.

“Hang on! She hasn’t done anything wrong to me. It’s not her fault. It’s her personal life. Therefore, I don’t have to put a dollar in for her”.

That’s my logical thinking, and I put the dollar back into my wallet.

Another day, I haven’t heard my favorite songs for such a long time. I put on my headphones and turned the music on. However, it didn’t satisfy my desire. I wanted to turn it up loud and sing it. I was on the middle of taking off my headphones and turning the volume to its maximum then I heard voices in my head.

“Wait! Kateryna doesn’t like this song. She would turn mad.”

“Who cares about her, it’s also my personal life.”

“But you have to respect her.”

“Who cares about respect?”

“Well, so you have to put two dollars in “For Her” jar then.


Great, my conscience has beaten my desire and as the results I put on my headphones back on.

As a senior who has first period free, I usually bring her something for breakfast. Sometimes a banana, sometimes an orange, a bread or muffin or simply some scrambled eggs. I enjoy doing this as I could reward myself “a cent”. One cent is not a lot so I try to make her happy as much possible. I do trivial things for her such as taking breakfast, doing her laundry, sewing her clothes and trying to find as much chance I could to help her. One penny in gives me so much happiness. It’s not because of the penny, but because of her gratitude.

Time flies and mid-terms have come. I was busy with my project so I didn’t go anywhere. Around 12:00 noon, Kat came up with a cup of Granola and Frosted Corn Flakes of cereal for me. I was so surprised. She told me that because I hadn’t eaten anything and she knew they are my favorite cereals so she brought them to me. I immediately found a dollar and put it in “My jar” two dollars.

Thanks to the two jars, I learn to calm myself, to think about other people’s feelings, to look on the good side of them, to find happiness in other’s happiness, to be kind, and to appreciate and be thankful for what others do for me.

When I am mad, the jars made me calm myself down and be rational. I try to find good excuses or reasons to defend what my roommate did so I could forgive her. If I am still bear the anger, I would get punished, and the dollar I put in “For Her” jar represents the punishment.

When I am selfish, and only think about myself, the jars helped me to learn respect for my roommate. If I made other people get angry, I also receive punishment.  Again, the two dollars warn me about that. But why two? Because making people angry is worse than other people making you angry.

When I do good things for my roommate, I should not take too much credit and count my goodness. My kindness should not be weighed too high. Even though the “For Me” jar wouldn’t get any pennies if I do good things, I still do it because I have already received the rewards. Her happiness is my reward.

Whenever people do any good things to me, I have to carve it into my memories and not forget it. What people do to me is much higher than what I have done to them.



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