The two-sides world

Thank the sun for rising every morning so I have to wake up and go to school

Thank the wind for blowing the breezy air in the winter so I have to struggle getting out of my bed

Thank my enemies for bring tears and hatred to me

Thank my teachers for handing out papers with red “D”s

Thank the winners for giving me a sense of being a loser

Most of all thank the world for creating the two-sides term

I would never experience the greatest high school time if the sun never rises

I would never treasure the hot sunny day in summer if winter does not bring such chilly air

Happiness and laughter would never in my dictionary if I have not been from hatred and sadness

I would never know my real friend if all the enemies have gone

I would not have to try hard when everything goes smoothly

I would not feel proud to receive “A+” if I never have a “D”

I would never the biggest lesson if I never fail

This world is amazing

Not because it gives everything I want

But because I need everything it gives

When it happens, it means I need it

Look at the world over the rainbow

Because over the rainbow is the sun…


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