March 29 2015

Oh gosh, I could tell why my first semester was so miserable. Because I was taken away one of my favorite friend. Swimming and I had been separated for 5 months and I felt like years. I miss him so much. Last winter break, I had a chance to greet her again; however, it was too short. I could not stand living without her anymore for the rest of the school year, therefore, I decided to pay to go to swim at a small swimming pool. As long as I could swim, I am happy. When you see the pool, you know how desperate I want to swim. Then, god has paid me back for my dedication to swimming. I found a program called Competitive Swimming Program, without thinking, I signed up. You know my personality, I hardly want to spend any money. Everyone knows that if you ask them about me. They would be shocked if I spend something. I had to sacrifice my piggy bank and register for the program and hire the driver. I know it is worthy.

You don’t know how I felt when I came to the real pool. OMG, I almost bursted into tears and I could not find words to share my feelings. The chlorine smell, the splash,… and everything. I haven’t worn my swimsuit for such long time (about 1 month after Winter Break), my goggles, my swim cap.

The moment I jumped into the pool was awesome, I got to compete with other kids again. Oh gosh, I wish I was better at how amazing I felt. I love the coaches so much.

I wish I could swim everyday. But, I have to wait until college though…




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