March 22, 2015

Another Sunday has come. Time flies so fast that I didn’t realize now I have already turned 17.

People say that I am sensitive, sure I am. I am easy to cry, easy to laugh and easy to recall memories.

Remember every Saturday I woke up, my parents would love to take me to a Chinese Restaurant, a Pho Restaurant, or my mom cooked the most delicious dish for the whole family. However, my grandpa always wanted to take us with me so we usually ate together. That weekend would be awesome if my aunt and her family got up early and we would have a big breakfast of the whole family. What a lovely and normal day to everyone, but it’s so hard for us at this moment. But I’m not talking about the present, and that’s the present so just ignore it.

I missed the hot, uncomfortable sunny day in Vietnam, I miss the beep beep of the motorcycle, the complaining of Vietnamese, miss the sugar cane juice station that my grandpa used to buy for me, miss the roads to his house and I miss everything. When I was small, I didn’t like to come there because it started to get boring. I didn’t like the hot, the noisy and the boring people I was going to stay there. I wanted to experience how a regular weekend would be like at my house with my parents. However, now I cried when I started to recall those times. When I really want to go now, I could not get there. It’s really cold here, it’s so quiet here, and there are so many strange people that I could not feel comfortable with. I really miss everyone there. I also miss the food you cook, the old countryside songs that I think they were out of fashioned and my tears drop every time I heard it. I just can’t hold my tears.

Back to the past, yeah, my life had nothing to worry. Whatever come will come, I didn’t have to think too far away because my mom didn’t like when I think too much. So, I used to hang around with imaginations. I wished to grow up early so I wouldn’t have to take a nap under the eyes of my aunt. Now, I couldn’t help dreaming if I would have only one, one is enough to travel back in time . Can you hear me God, I only need one day to come back in time, when my family is gather around, I could visit my grandparents and stay in that small village. I would treasure every minute, every second that you have given me.

I think I have to stop right here, as I go on, my tears would start to drop. Writing those emotions out makes me feel so much comfortable. I always keep my emotions inside, I don’t want to write it down, as I think words couldn’t describe it. However, writing helps me somehow to release my sadness.




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