Homosexual Marriage

The heat of the debate about homosexuals rises when the question should homosexual marriage be legalized comes up. Marriage has been important to most societies for such a long time, and homosexual marriage could be called the “third political railroad”.

Growing up in an Asian country like Vietnam, homosexuals are despised. However, this issue does not only occur in Vietnam, but also around the world. People still object to homosexuals. Gays and lesbians have to hide their identities and pretend to be someone they are not. There are a lot of suicide cases because these people cannot hold and suffer the pressure of society. Even though society has started to accept homosexuals, these people are not respected and treated equally, and being forbidden to marry each other is one of the most obvious examples of this discrimination. In Vietnam, marriage is the combination between a man and a woman, and the Constitution clearly states the homosexual marriage is illegal and prohibited. In the US, marriage definitions are varied by state.

Science has not proven any environmental effects or influences on turning a person into a gay man or lesbian woman. Whether people want it or not, they don’t have a choice. There have been a lot of camps that turn homosexuals into heterosexuals, and the results are tragedies. Being gay or lesbian is not the individual’s fault, and they the rights to be in love and to be loved. The key of marriage is to be happy, to help, to stay side by side, to laugh and cry and go through all the hardships of life with the one you love for the rest of your life. Therefore, forbidding marriage is going against the pursuit and value of life. If a constitution prohibits homosexual marriage, it cannot control all the gays and lesbians. There will be some homosexual couples that sneak outside the laws and get together. People will do anything because of love, and because they only live once; they would risk everything because of love. If a marriage license is just a piece of paper approving the couples are legal, why can’t constitutions legalize homosexual marriage. Governments should realize that homosexuality is happening, and there are no ways to stop it. It is like a cycle, if the government agrees that homosexuals are treated equally like others, nobody would discriminate them. When people start to not discriminate homosexuals, homosexuals will be more open. The more open homosexuals are, the less people feel uncomfortable with homosexuality. Therefore, the government would be easier to pass laws for homosexuals. This positive feed loop will continue. By that time, homosexuals could bravely live with their true personalities. Take slavery as an example, before the Civil War in 1861, slavery was also a sensitive issue that hardly any politics dared to touch. The Southerners treated slaves like their property, and slaves had no human rights whatsoever. Then, after the Civil War and the 13th Amendment was passed, slaves were freed. Today, people respect Blacks and Whites.

There is no harm with homosexuality, therefore homosexual marriage should not be an issue. Everyone has the right to marry the one they love and constitutions have no right to take it away from them. This issue has been such a sensitive issue and needs to be concerned for the human development.




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