Dear friends,…

Dear Friends,

On behalf of all international students around the world, I speak for our hearts and souls. Going abroad is something our families have struggled to accomplish and we are proud of it. Although we have already learned about your wonderful country, we may have done something unpleasant for your country, I’m writing this letter to share you our thoughts that we wish you to hear them.

Each international students represents part of his or her country, and every country has its own beauty and tradition. You are proud of your country, so do I.  Though I try our best to adapt to your customs, I apologize for sometimes doing it wrong or not knowing it. I have to suffer the pain of staying far from our family, get accustom to another place where things are so different, I need your help. I know I have no rights to ask for your help, but since we are humans, helping is in our blood. Only your sympathy, your smile or your heart is enough for me to overcome such hardship.

I hope you would not judge me, because I usually cry and being weak when I miss home. As being away is difficult, you’ll get that when you’re away. People lives always have sadness, and the sadness tend to be sadder when they’re alone. I know it’s not your business, but again, we are all human, a shoulder is enough.

I’m sorry to make you be patient whenever we speak your language, please don’t look down on me. Language is the great barrier to me. Your eyes and ears are enough for us. It’s not I’m not trying hard enough, it’s just different-that’s it.

Please don’t hate my whole country just because you do not like me. I understand it’s not because you hate me, but it’s just we’re different in our views. One day, when there are only you and me in this world, we’ll learn how to get along with each other. Don’t think you would hate someone, think you haven’t seen the bright side of her. I’m sorry if I’ve made you think I don’t want to befriend with you. Again, it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just different. Sometimes I tried to fit in, but I just can’t. We feel more comfortable hanging with someone the same like us, but that doesn’t mean we’re not stepping out my comfort zones. People on Earth and aliens can be good friends if they both bear the differences between them. Time and advocacy- that are all I need.

One day, you would be lucky to go abroad like me. One day, when you settle in that country, you would like to make that country as home. One day, when you go abroad, you would read this letter and understand deeply what it means. That day is when you realize the law of nature, giving is receiving. When you treat or give someone, in retrospective people will treat the same way.


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