The sun shone yesterday and I did have my vegetarian diet.

I had made 80 laps and it was great. I feel proud of myself. Nothing is impossible. I encouraged and convinced my sister to make 10 laps but she ended up being sick the whole day today. She couldn’t make it and I am ambivalent about it. On one hand, I felt proud and happy of myself that I could convince her jump down to the pool, on the other hand, I indirectly made her sick. She told me that I am addictive to swimming. Well, I thought she was right.

Today is new year, don’t really whether I should swim as I want to spend left these days hanging out with my family and friends. My parents want to go to the pagoda so we did. It was not really a pagoda actually, it was like a pagoda/orphanage. Oh I believe I did mention that, it is Duc Son. We brought some old clothes and rice for the kids there. Besides hanging around with them, I’ve made some notice about cultural concept. According to my APES  class, yeah really VNmese have a lot of kids. Most of the kids here were found under the tree. Their parents abandoned them so the church has to bring them up. There was a board recorded the kids in the pagoda and to my observation, boys are not as many as girls. The difference was not significant, but there was.  Besides that, most of the kids who went to work were boys also.

Look at this chart:


Here are some pictures I’ve taken, enjoy!


IMG_0424                                            IMG_0427

IMG_0433                                     IMG_0439


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