Not again…

I’ve been waiting so long to come back to Vietnam and jump right into the pool, but I don’t think I’m not strong enough to fight the cold. It’s been such a long time ( 2 months I guess) that I haven’t swum; therefore it makes my body weaker. I used to be very good at fighting the cold, regardless of the temperature and my mom to dive into the pool. Blame on me, such a shame. Every time I put on my swimming suit, my poise ready to jump in, then the cold told me not to. I hate it. Not another somber day. Two weeks have passed and the sun is still hiding from those depressing clouds.

Great, the weather forecast says it gonna be sunny tomorrow, and it’d better be as I can’t take it anymore. I thought I could swim again by coming back. Sure, I didn’t mean to come back but my parents forced me to. I thought at least, I could swim, but this is what I’ve got so far. “Nice”, thanks a lot Lord.

I can’t take it anymore, look at the blue color of the pool. Urghhhhhhh! It’s so captivating, so enchanting, so attractive. I think my parents are sick of me right now. ” Don’t complain to me, it’s not my fault, ok?” Right, it’s not their fault, I admitted, though it’s their fault that allowing me to see the pool, how beauty it is, how good the Chlorine smell, how high my desire, my thirst rise when I see the pool.

Please please, sun I miss you. Shine, Give us as much as heat as you can; or least don’t hide. That’s all I need. I won’t eat chocolate today….

Gee, the sun is still hiding, right. Maybe, I should do something more. Okay, if tomorrow you are not hiding, I would go to vegetarian food at Duc Son’s pagoda after visiting the kids there. Yeah, coming to Duc Son on Thursday. I have been there since next year to visit the kids there, sometimes bring with me some old clothes. They asked us to stay for lunch but I hardly joined. Therefore, if tomorrow the sun is not hiding, I would definitely eat vegetarian food at Duc Son ( sure, if they invite us).

Ohray! I jumped down anyway. Such “high” feelings. OMG, can’t describe those feelings. Although it feels like “a thousand of knives are pointing to you”, I still felt awesome and there was a force helped me to finish my goal for today. I determined to swim only 40 rounds as it was just warming up. The same movements, up and down, I miss that so much. Oh I wish I could tell how much I enjoy it. You wouldn’t want to see my mom’s face, she was shocked as well as mad somehow.

Please tomorrow, don’t hide the sun away!


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