Number zero

Well, first of all. I get this idea from my friend, Hang. She inspired me.However, this is my opinion and it is original.

Zero is a powerful number. To me, “zero” is a special number as it represents ” passion”.

  • If you look at the axis of integer numbers, the number zero comes before the number one. You can not get to number one without passing through number zero. The same thing happens in real life. Whenever speaking of number one, it is the top, the best. A number one person is the best person. In order to be the best person, you have to have passion- that is when you have number zero. You could not succeed if you do not have passion. Passion is the strong force that push through every obstacle, every fence ahead of you to get to your goal. There is no number one if number zero does not exist.
  •  = 0and e^0 =1 are my two favorite math concepts. In this concept, e means energy, 1 means victory and success, and zero means passion.

 : The division in this concept means to divide the success into many different factors and spend time analyzing it. So,

if you have energy that never enervates and you are successful, when you take your success into consideration, it ends up equal your passion.

e^0= 1 means if your energy is powered by your passion, you will get to your goal.

But e^1  = e  means if you use energy and empower it only to success, you will end up nothing but come back to what you have.

  • If you receive your test that scored 1 and I draw a ” zero” after it, what will it become? ” 10″ Number zero strengthens the value of the original ten times as it used to be. Number zero advocate number one. Without number zero at the back, you will end up a 1 in your test. However, if I put a zero behind number one, you become a superstar and be number one in your class. You see, passion makes you become a superstar. You can also see it in money. The more zeroes you see at the back, the more valuable of it becomes. 1000$ totally different from 10000$. But what happen if I draw number zero in front of number 1, you are still number one. Then it comes back to the first concept, passion comes first and then your success. Think it in a different way, don’t just be so rigid.
  • If you times a really big number to zero, for example : 10000000000 x 0, what is the answer? 0. No matter how big your number is, if you multiply it by 0, it equals to 0. So, in real life, no matter how big, how hard is the problem is, if you have passion, it will become nothing. Number zero in here plays two ideas. The first one means passion and the second one simply means zero or nothing.

People tend to look at number zero as the second concept. Everyone wants to be a number one. They fight through their life to be reach number one. But they have forgotten the really basic math, in order get to number one, you have to pass number zero. What’s wrong of not being number one, what’s wrong if you could not reach number one? So, go back to number zero. You start from zero, and now you come back to zero, from where to start and it’s a start over. However, the first zero really means nothing, but after you come back from where you are, you have learnt a lot and now you have passion and you are eager to start over as you know you could do better than that. Different from Math, zero means zero. But in reality, your attitude towards number zero would be different.  They think zero as nothing. I think zero is the zero of me.  Why should they be so pessimistic? To be honest, I used to have that idea, but thanks to you, Hang, you have inspired me. It’s true, when you say it is bored, it will be bored. So, just look at the situation in an optimistic way. No one could be number one forever, one day you will be defeated by someone else. But the only thing you have after stumble and failing from everything is your passion. Your passion will help you stand up and start again.


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