This is the visit to STANFORD UNIVERSITY! I could not describe my feelings. Stanford University is huge and amazing. I love it here so much. I will post up those pictures instead of writing so you could imagine how great was it.


Can you see, that is just one part of the university. Look at the green trees, the blue sky, and the people who are walking and riding their bikes. It is so friendly-environmental. I love it here so much. The view is so peaceful


Look at the green field. Looking at people playing sports made me miss my swimming equipment such as google, cap…I love swimming very much. I will follow my swimming passion and in one day I could be in the Stanford NCAA’s team.



Going to such prestige school like Stanford always one of my biggest dream. I hope one day, my whole family could again stand here and proudly shout out loud:” Our daughter has been accepted to Stanford”.

I do not want to write a lot in this post as my feelings are indescribable. I just want to post up pictures so everyone could see it. Enjoy










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