Welcome to Beyondoutlookblog

This page is not only for the readers could read but also could contribute. By joining us, you could contribute your writings and share them to your readers, and the most special thing is you could receive compensations.

Joining us by going to the “Contact  “Page and send us your writings. If your writing is selected, you will receive an email to notify that we would publish your post. Once your post is published, you are responsible for the copyrights of your post. You will save 10 points for each post you publish and when you gather 100 points, you would receive a gift card of $10 of Barnes and Nobles in the US, or 200 000VND in Fahasa Vietnam

Your genre of writing could be in any category in this blog or you could add for your interest. Please state which genre you want to publish. You can choose to whether publish your real name, pen name or anonymous.

All writings submit must be written in English

Don’t forget the Feedback Form to make us better….



My name is Uyen Phuong (UP) and this used to be my personal blog to store short stories, opinions, ideas, observation, feelings or anything around me. I don’t want to bore the readers by cliche and mundane post. I want to put down interesting or twisting things that is quite different.



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